Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Summer Vacation

The awesome summer vacation that I have been dreaming about since winter is finally here! I just can't wait to see the real ocean on the real beach and soak up that California sunshine! I am packing way light, but it's still time consuming and I feel like I am the most easily distracted person on the planet. I have seriously spent half the day on the phone and the other half right here on the good old laptop. It's been fun while I'm letting it get the best of me, but everytime I look away, my children are destroying any packing progress I've made. Lyla DOES NOT understand the words "don't touch". I don't even care though. I am so glad all the waiting is over and it's time to cash in on the dreams of summer vacation! Hopefully Lyla will drop the paraplegic freakshow act and finally WALK in the SAND!

1 comment:

  1. Oh Ya Stef! I am so glad some on still appreciates some good ol 6th grades tunes. If you need lyrics for "Bum a Lum a Cum a La" or Ginge a leigh a Leigh" (how ever you spell any of these words), I can help you with them too! Ha!!!
    Oh girl, I miss you. I need a good dose of Stephanie - seriously!