Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I Want to Live on Vacation

Coronado was AWESOME! It just doesn't get much better than that. The weather was perfect every single day. We lived in the pool at the rental house and when we weren't in the pool (or soaking up the California sun next to it) we were at the beach. In hind sight, I wish we would have spent even more time at the beach, but you have to make some schedule adjustments if you want Lyla to take a nice nap and be happy.
We did go to one theme park, Legoland, and it was fun but VERY hot and really crowded. The Lego city display was so cool, but a day at Lagoon would be just as exciting for me, so we probably should have saved our money and gone to the beach. That is what I hate about theme parks. If I'm paying like $60 a person to come into your hot, crowded theme park, I think the least you can do is comp my parking. I'll be forced by the sun to buy a $3 water and maybe one $5 Gatorade, so do you really NEED my $12 just to park the rental mini van in your lot? It is just too much for me. Oh and I better not forget one crucial detail about said mini van........it broke down on the I-5 freeway. Better still, it broke down on the left hand side of the freeway, right next to the fast lane. This piece of shit Chrysler just turned off for no reason at all. It was sort of terrifying, but since it eventually started back up and no one died crossing 5 lanes of busy freeway, it ended up being sort of funny. Like the adventure before the theme park. The rest of the way there and back we had to stay in the slow lane just in case the van said "NO MORE" again.

The trip was also great because the kids and I spent some time with Dave. We rarely see him and it was just nice to spend some time together. And since we were staying with family, after the kids went to bed, we went on walks or went night swimming and that was so fun (especially our 5 mile walk/run to the other side of the island). It was just perfect and I so wish I lived there. If I win the lotto, you know where to find me....

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  1. Nothing better than the sun and beach in my opinion. Looks like a grand vacay! I love seeing Dave all relaxed in the pool. Glad you all went. So fun! Brek