Saturday, July 2, 2011

Go Go Going!

What a summer already. I feel like fun plans materialize out of no where this summer. A day with nothing planned, ends up being filled with good times. I've taken the girls to the playground so many times at this point, that two year old Lyla has No Fear and she yells at me to stop there when we are passing it in the car. We have gone boating every weekend and that has been a real game changer around here. Yes, Lyla still hates the sand and won't touch the water ( in her defense Pineview water is sort of nasty), but she loves chilling out on her beach blanket, flipping sand around with her shovel. Every now and again she says, "I Lyla boat, go fast", followed quickly by "I go home". She don't know what she wants! Sasha on the other hand could spend the entire day just playing on the beach. She loves to sit on pops lap and "drive" the boat, she is constantly on the look out for waves to jump. It makes me so happy to be filling her young life with such fun memories. I am a sun loving lady and my tan is going to reach Pauly D. status by August. I know I'm not supposed to want to get my tan on....but I still love it.
Sasha took her first trip to Lagoon the other day and she had so much fun. Even though I have my mothers dizzy genes, I took a Dramamine and enjoyed some rides too. My best friend Russie has an adorable daughter, Addison , that is 19 days younger than Sasha. So that makes a trip to Lagoon that much more fun. Russie and I took on the old, white, rickety roller coaster and it didn't collapse, so it was a fun ride. I seriously felt 12 years old at the top of the first hill. Good times for sure. Sasha is fearless by the way. She was 2 inches to short for the roller coaster, but she was begging to ride it. Next year for sure.....

Some of the pictures below are of totally random stuff we've been doing (These are for you Leslie). Sasha's first ballet recital was adorable. She had so much fun being on stage and grandma Linda and grandpa Dennie brought her the most gorgeous bouquet of roses to give to her after her performance. Other shots are from Antelope island in the center of the Great Salt Lake. We totally went there at the worst time of the year. We got eaten alive by "no see" bugs within minutes of exiting the car. Sasha cried about it on the way home and she kept saying, "I am so sorry I ever made us come here! I just want to take a bath and go to bed!" It was funny, but we did see a buffalo very close up.... like 4 feet from the car.


Just left of Sasha is her big girl partner Grace. She is my cousin Joel's daughter and she is a beautiful ballerina. She was the star of the rest of the show. It was amazing watching her on those pointe shoes! She is an inspiration for Sasha.

Lyla put on a show too, off to the side of the stage....

too cute!

This is not zoomed in. It was that close.

The bug attack was getting more intense....

Sasha's drawing of our family. I am the child sized person to the left of the giant. I like that my hair is huge and I am the same size as my 4 year old. I was so sad that she drew this on the chalk board, because i would have framed it!

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