Thursday, June 16, 2011

Apple Pine

Things are going pretty well with Lyla. Her diet is not "normal" for a kid her age, but we've made our own normal and it's great. She loves to eat cans of new potatoes with some salt, pepper and olive oil. She also loves to have chicken mixed in with the potatoes and it really is a delicious meal. It is called "kickin and tato" by a hungry Lyla. She has also rediscovered her love of pineapple. Today she threw a mini temper tantrum in her room and the whole time she was screaming "apple pine pwease! ME EAT APPLE PINE PWEEEEEASE!". I got the impression that she wanted some pineapple and she doesn't care what it's really called. So she calms down and eventually makes her way to the kitchen. I serve her the pineapple at the kitchen table and Sasha approached the table to see what Lyla was eating. This enraged Lyla! In the cutest baby talk you've ever heard, she puts her arm out and yells "Get Away now! ME LYLA APPLE PINE! Get away!" I can't help but laugh. Who takes their pineapple that seriously? Adorable!

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