Monday, June 6, 2011

Worth the Wait

So, it took forever to get here, but summer is worth the wait. We had the most gorgeous, hot day yesterday. It was a great Sunday for us. We took the boat out of course and for the first time in so long, we were in swimsuits, soaking up the sun. We drove up to Pineview and before we launched the boat, the kids and I get in the boat with all our gear. So far this year, there has been to line to wait in before you launch your boat, but yesterday, there was a short line. It wasn't a problem for us, because Dave had no clue that the trucks lined up next to the ramp were actually waiting their Dave just drove around them and started backing the truck up. He couldn't hear a word I was saying so I just shut my mouth and played dumb. I think some folks got a little pissed off, but since Dave doesn't pay much attention to other people, I don't think it bothered him a bit. I was laughing to hard to be mortified! We got the boat in the water really fast, and we were off! The water level was so insanely high so we decided we better drive around and scout out some beach. We have never done this before so we just found a spot that looked nice and beached the boat. Sasha was in heaven because sand and water is totally her thing. She grabbed her beach toys and she was loving every second of it........Lyla, not so much. Turns out that Lyla HATES having her feet touch both sand AND water. She cried hysterically when we tried to stand her up on the beach. Even with Crocs on, she just could not handle it. Luckily we had her little collapsible chair (soccer sideline chair) with us, so we set that up and she stopped crying. We handed her a shovel and she sat there like a happy little paraplegic! Her upper body is beach friendly, it's just her lower half that need to be left out of the equation. A couple of times her chair tipped a bit forward and (GASP!) her feet made contact with the sand, and she just lost it every time. It was so funny! So we were all set up in our spot, enjoying the day when the water cops pulled up. Turns out, you can't just park where ever you like. Our boat was like 20 feet away from a boat friendly zone. So we had to pack up all our shit and move the boat over. This was also funny, because there were buoys right there that read something to the effect of "no motor boats", but oblivious as we are, we just didn't see them. We moved to the safe zone and the beach was even nicer over there. We had such a great day and I can't wait to do it all again. In fact, I just bought Lyla some rain boots at Walmart and I think this might solve some of her beach issues!

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