Tuesday, May 17, 2011


My life is good. My life is simple. Is there a basic need that isn't met? No, I have everything I could possibly need and so much more. I have never had to wonder where I will find food, or worry about getting clean water. I have never been without a home, or a car, or a safety net of support. So I'll say it again. My life is good. I am surrounded by the people I love and what more can you ask for. I wake up every day (sometimes VERY early, but who cares) to the faces of the husband I lucked out in finding and the little girls I was blessed with. I realize there will be a time in my life when my children live on their own and I won't be able to see them every single day or get this wave of their love and hugs crashing down on me throughout the day. It makes me sad to think this way of life is ever changing and evolving. I don't want to ever be without these little, happy, giddy, silly kids, but they will grow up, and their own worlds will bloom from the seeds planted here. I love them and I am so grateful that this is the life I've chosen for myself. Thank you Sasha Jane and Lyla Kay! You bring me more joy than I ever new was possible.

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