Thursday, April 14, 2011

An Odd Thursday

Dave came home early today. No, we aren't doing anything fun or exciting, but the Comcast cable dude is here installing cable and ridding us of our satellite dish. I like Dave to be here when these random dudes come over to the house. This one was no exception. He looks nice enough, but he did the ONE THING YOU DO NOT DO, he walked into the house with filthy work boots and just walks all over the place. Dave and I nearly had twinner panic attacks. He came in, got the lay of the land and dirtied the floors, then he went back out to his truck. I let Dave know that something had to be done and sure enough he was on it. BUT, crisis averted, he smartened up when he came back in and took off the mud covered boots. I know that isn't really all that dramatic, but I don't like CSI style footprints all over these dark wood floors... Who would? Lyla is sick today and that is the only real problem we have today. She has a fever of 103.5 and I don't know exactly what I'm supposed to do. Every time the kids are sick I feel like I am supposed to have all the answers, but I don't. We just switched to a new, super crappy insurance plan and we don't even have the ID cards yet..... they are in the mail. I didn't want the extra drama of that situation at the Dr.s office and I also didn't want to pay the Doctor $100 to tell me that my kid has a fever, cause I already know! I hope she gets better quick cause it's weird seeing color in her hot little cheeks.

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