Tuesday, April 26, 2011

April in Crap-tah, or rather Utah...

April in Utah is no bueno:(

I really liked snow and all that comes with it when I was younger. At least I think I did.... I still have that ridiculous snowflake tattoo that makes me think I liked it. (yes, I regret getting it and my husband loves to make fun of me for having it. Maybe my kids will think tattoos are totally lame because mom has one and that might stop them from going down that path....) Back to the point though, snow was awesome when I had a seasons pass to go snowboarding and no kids to worry about while I was doing it. But now, I am just so freaking over the snow. I need to move out of Utah and just save myself a lifetime of complaining about it. I can deal with the cold in December and January, but by February, I am secretly hoping that global warming will really begin and I'll get to wear shorts and flip flops by March. WRONG!

Easter was sort of nice at least. I was wearing a coat and my kids Easter dresses where covered up with jackets and accessorized with leggings, t-shirts and boots. At least it wasn't snowing or pouring rain.

Dear summer, I miss you, I love you, let's run away together!



My girls like the snow still

Sasha's egg allergy has some serious perks! Instead of coloring smelly Easter eggs, we frosted egg-less Sugar cookies! and mom ate most of them:(

Here they are sorting through all the goodies that the Easter Bunny brought!

The indoor hunt begins!

Sasha models the Easter Sundress I made for her. Lyla has a matching dress, but she was already napping when I remembered to take some pictures.

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