Monday, March 21, 2011

Lyla's Birthday In pictures

Sasha insisted that they wear matching outfits for Lyla's Birthday!


Craptastic toy on the left. Quality toy on the right. But doesn't the crappy toy look like fun?

Opening her book. Look closely at Dave's mangled toes that my sister painted in the recovery room after his surgery! Good one Stacie! Oh for hell sakes, here you go.....

Sorry this is so gross!

My baby girl turned Two and though she had a lovely birthday morning, it was stressful on me. I had bought her some presents a while ago because a certain store was having a massive sale and I couldn't NOT buy toys there. Unfortunately, when I assembled some of these toys the night before her birthday, I was not exactly thrilled with the quality. I got her car contraption that had a straight hill and a spiral hill and she loved it, except that every time she looked at it too hard, it fell apart. I had also bought her this little mechanical kitten that was supposed to meow and walk around. But thanks to China's eye for quality detail, the battery compartment did not easily accommodate batteries and wasn't really wired for the possibility that an angry mom would find a way to shove batteries into said compartment. So basically, the kitten did nothing but stand there with it's creepy hot pink tongue sticking out. Needless to say I felt like a massive failure and I needed to right these wrongs ASAP! I was very glad I had a lovely little princess book for her that didn't need batteries, nor super glue to stay intact. But never the less, the kid needed a present rescue.
I dropped Sasha off at school and high tailed it to Walmart. There I found an awesome car racing set (on sale no less) and a super cute, high quality puppy. I bought them in a flash and we were bound for home. The new toys were a hit! Sasha was thrilled to see the addition of even more toys when she got home from school. She then asked me why I didn't like the freaky kitten and I explained that it was a piece of Chinese garbage. About two minutes later, Sasha had miraculously brought the freak kitten to life and so now we have two small mechanical pets (thank you dander allergies!) running around the house.
Of course it wouldn't be a proper two year old birthday without one of these surprises........ the $3.00 Princess book I'd bought her turned out to be her FAVORITE gift of all. She carries it around non stop and nearly has it memorized. Also, Sasha made toilet paper roll binoculars at school that day and Lyla could not get enough of those either. Go figure!

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