Monday, March 21, 2011

Things that make me happy!

SUNSHINE- I absolutely require sunshine on my face for a happy life.

Home time with my goofy little family- weekend time is best!

Sewing- I have really started to love making cute things for my girls to wear. My sewing machine broke last week and I cried real tears. Thankfully the know it all at Jo-Anns knew how to fix it.

Skating- I got to skate at a kids birthday party over the weekend, and it just reinforced my overwhelming love for skating and all the wonders of the roller rink. If I had been choosing the music, it would have been even better. I have skated my entire life (in the grocery store, in my parents unfinished basement to my Tiffany and Wham records, my own Classic skating birthday parties, my parents driveway, the streets of Ogden with my adolescent bestie Nik Wright and the list goes on and on).

Big Hair- I won't apologize and I won't force it on others, but I feel happiest when my hair if very FULL! I was meant to go to beauty school and learn the proper techniques for creating large hair. It was worth every penny. Peggy Bundy makes me smile. Flat hair is my KRYPTONITE!!!!

Loud happy dance music- Bieber is awesome, Jock Jams from the 90's are top notch, Shakira gets me going, Michael Jackson is undeniable and I just have to dance when i hear good music.

A Good deal- I am VERY FRUGAL and I am overwhelmed with joy when I get something awesome for cheap! I lose sleep if I pay full price. I don't like dealing with full price, buyers remorse. I love living a champagne lifestyle on a beer budget and frugality makes it a reality. It is an addiction, but Dave doesn't want me to recover from it.

Lunch with girlfriends- I love seeing my friends and it doesn't happen often enough. At my core i am still a high school social butterfly and I need that girly chit chat. A little truthful gossip is also nice.

This is new to the list but very important.... In and Out Burger- Dave and I recently stopped at the Centerville location and waited patiently (and neither of us has any patience at all) to see what all the hype was about. Oh my stars it was delicious. The prices were very reasonable too which made the experience even better. If I lived super close to that place, I would become obese very rapidly.

Trashy evening TV- What a wonderful way to end the day (and this post). Dave and I both share this mini obsession so it's not a bad thing. He and I love to take in some Bachelor, Jersey Shore, America's Next Top Model, Survivor, Project Runway and some good old fashioned Office episodes after the kids go to bed. A light snack and some quality TV time really ends the day nicely. I will flat out admit that sometimes when I am having a dramatic day with two emotional kids, the promise of watching a new Dancing with the Stars is what gets me through it. Ain't that the truth, in fact, that is EXACTLY what I'm looking forward to tonight.

Very last, but certainly not least....Little girls in pigtails (more specifically, my little kids in pigtails)- I think this picture says it all.

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