Monday, January 10, 2011

Baby with a Microphone

Here is a recipe for a fantastic morning: Dress Lyla inl something she loves such as a dress or tutu. Turn on some of her favorite tunes (Bieber, Sarah Barielis, music from Tangled), and give her a microphone. Now sit back and watch her perform. She loves to sing and dance and smile and laugh and ultimately make me smile. I love to watch my kids act like themselves, when they aren't fighting, crying, whining and throwing massive temper tantrums.... It seems like the few hours when Sasha is at school are the best for watching Lyla be herself. She absolutely loves to be with Sasha, but when big sister is out of the house, Lyla just does what comes naturally to her and I love to watch her. She is a happy, curious little girl who loves nothing more than singing and dancing. I love this kid! It is so great having two kids who are so different from one another. I never get tired of watching Lyla explore her world.

Lyla's favorite things: Her silky, her binky, tutu's,talking on anything that resembles a phone, Gerber fruit snacks, Sasha,"helping" mom out, Curious George, drinking through a straw, pop songs, doll stollers, canned peas, pink boots, kissing her dolls, pretending to do her hair and make-up, unloading drawers (especially bathroom drawers), snuggling with mom after her nap, announcing that she's peed, pooped or farted (even if she hasn't done any of them), walking through a store, running naked before a bath, and of course playing peek-a-boo!

Not a bad life...

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