Monday, January 10, 2011

The Biebs!

That is Justin Bieber for anyone who isn't in the know. We here at the house of Jensen L-O-V-E the Biebs! It is so nice to love music that is clean for the kiddies and is impossible not to dance to. Lyla isn't even two yet and she can sing along to her favorite songs (and you best believe she let's us know what songs are her favorite). Sasha loves it too, which is nice because it's not sad, emo music like all the stuff that is normally her favorite. It's good clean fun for everyone and even Dave is on board with this one.

Sasha is a little bit "obsessed" and this is fine with me because it totally reminds me of my childhood when I was obsessed with The New Kids on the Block. It was so fun to love something THAT much. Me and my cousin Jill would watch the NKOTB concerts on the video and we would have long discussions about which band members we planned on marrying, I chose Jordan Knight and she picked Jordans shy brother John Knight. We felt almost sad for Danny because we thought no one in the world would ever choose him....... It was just good times all around. In fact just the other day Sasha and I had a great conversation about marriage. She told me she thought she wanted to marry her friend Sam. After I explained that marrying second cousins is sort of frowned upon, she suddenly stopped me and told me "oh nevermind, I remember now that I'm gonna marry Justin Beaver (she almost refuses to say Bieber)". Then she started asking me how old Justin would be when she was 21, and if I was certain that he wasn't already married. Then she asked if she could get married when she is a teenager and of course I told her no... Then she asked if twelve was a good age. You get the point, she is non stop entertainment. I hope she get's her wish. I would love to welcome the Biebs into the family!

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