Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Sasha Says the Darndest Things

I wake up a few days ago and walk into the kitchen. Sasha is eating a muffin at the counter. I ask her if she'd like a cup of milk and this is what came next:
Sasha: "Dry Christmas trees are a serious fire hazard".
Me: "That's right, but ours is fake so it shouldn't be a problem".
Sasha: "But it feels real dry mom".

I'm folding laundry upstairs while the girls are playing. I ask Sasha to put her socks in her sock drawer and she complies. She comes back and I ask her to put her freshly, folded pants in her pants drawer and she says, "Well this is BULLSHIT".....

Sasha wakes up barfing at 4:oo in the morning. She gets it all out like a champ, and we get her all cleaned up. I tell her she needs to try to go back to sleep until morning and this is what she tells me, "You"re turnal mom, but I'm not turnal, so that means I can be awake at night." Thank you Dora and Diego for teaching my daughter about "nocturnal" animals and their special way of life....

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