Sunday, December 5, 2010

Movie Day with my Daughter

Just took Sasha to see Tangled (at the recommendation of my sister and Anabel) and we absolutely LOVED it! The movie was adorable and funny and very entertaining for kid and grownups alike. The very best part of it for me though, was watching my daughter watch the movie. Seeing her joyous face, lit up my the screen with her huge smile. She has only been to a few movies in the theater (she's only four after all), but I love that she fully appreciates the whole "experience" of going to the big theater. We don't do it often, so she really looks at a trip to the movie theater as something super special that is to be savored. The vast screen, the loud speakers, the rocking chairs, the crowds of people and of course the feature presentation, she just eats up every bit of it. It is just a fun thing to do with her and it gives me a glimpse at what the next stage of being a mom might bring. I love hanging out with my girls, and it's so great to think that these daughters of mine will hopefully be my little companions until the day I die. I love having them be so young and innocent, but it is going to great to watch them grow and learn and continue showing me who they are. They are such individuals already and it's fun to watch their personalities blossom right before my eyes. I so look forward to all the movie dates that lie ahead with these darling girls.

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