Thursday, December 9, 2010

Impromptu Photo Shoot

OH my LORD! It's Christmas card time and it went pretty well this year. I always stress about the picture in the card. We NEVER get family pictures taken and so that eliminates the "family pic" option from the equation. I take tons of pictures of my girls, but they usually include some forbidden things like: dried baby food all over Lyla's face, Huge unsightly binky in Lyla's mouth, filthy post recess clothes on Sasha, or the notorious backdrop of a toy strewn pig sty living room. So obviously some effort has to be thrown into a mini-at home photo shoot. I have everything I need: great camera, adorable models. Yet somehow, it always seems like it's gonna be a pain in the butt to get them BOTH dressed appropriately and BOTH in the model mood. But today I accidentally struck gold! I dressed Sasha for school and she let me know how pleased she was with her outfit by telling me that she "looks SOOOOO fashionable". Luckily I have the semi-twinner complex that leads me to buy "twinner" outfits for them on a regular basis (I CAN NOT HELP IT!!!!!) soon as Sasha was outfitted, it was a no brainer guessing what Lyla would wear...... her version of the exact same dress. I was grabbing their coats to head out the door for school when I realized that they looked PERFECT for a Christmas card photo shoot. We were already running late, so whats another 10 minutes? I grabbed the good camera and hit the front porch. What came next was magic. Sasha LOVES to model. She just strikes all sorts of poses and WORKS IT . Tyra Banks would die for her. It was insanely wonderful because Lyla tries to do everything Sasha does and so she too was posing like crazy. It was hysterically funny and I was glad I had a camera to capture it all. So cute! And to top it all off....... I already uploaded the photos to the Walgreens website (that's right, I am cheap and practical and thrilled that they will print my cards TODAY, for a price that won't keep me up at night) and I accomplished something today!


  1. What an adorable picture of your baby girl making a scrunchy face and with beautiful blue eyes! Great shot! Thanks for coming by and sharing your link with me.
    (All Things Beautiful)