Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Lyla is ONE!

I always wanted to say this, so here goes... This first year of my babies life has gone by so fast! (Sasha was a darling but difficult baby, and that first year felt very much like a year, maybe even a year and 3 months...) We've a had a busy year, with the whole move to the new house and the toddler going to school and all, but really, this first year of Lyla's life has flown by.
She is a sweet baby and I can already see the adorable quirkiness of her. Her favorite toy is a plastic Phillips head screwdriver (I know?????). She LOVES her tiny blankets that we call silkies. Little one can't get enough of her newborn size NUK binkies, and she gags like crazy if you try to give her the stage 2 larger binkies. She is still rocking the newborn fuzzy hair. I wonder if she'll eventually grow the thick long locks that Sasha has, or if she will remain sorta bald for life (it doesn't much matter, because she gives bald a good name). Lyla has already caught the Michael Jackson bug, she loves to watch the Michael Jackson movie whenever it is on. She will probably grow up thinking that "Thriller" was the soundtrack to her childhood.
Dear old Dave loves to call people by a nickname, and he was concerned that the name Lyla wouldn't provide many to choose from, but alas he has come up with one. Dave has started calling her "Lilliputian" and it seems this bizarre nickname is gonna stick. Sometimes we even shorten it to an awful sounding "puish". But Sasha still enjoys calling her "La La", which is also starting to stick.
She still can't eat anything beyond baby food, and I'm already getting sick of trying to push foods that are not a thin, watery puree (as vomit is not my favorite thing to clean up). Mashed potato texture will bring on the gagging sounds and usually a little barf too. I just hope she's not eating jars of Gerber in the Elementary School cafeteria... That is my only goal with her at this point. She is an interesting little baby, and I think she will provide us with the same level of entertainment that her big sister Sasha does. At any rate, it has been a great first year, and I love and adore this child even more than I ever thought possible. Happy Birthday Baby Girl and here is hoping for a great year to come!

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