Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Who Needs Dance Classes When You Look This Good in the Outfit?

A few weeks ago Sasha decided that she could not possibly move forward in life unless she was attending some sort of dance class. I looked into it and tried a class at the place Anabel takes tumbling at. Sasha had a lot of fun, but I did not. There was a tiny little hallway where the moms sit and watch the kids, but there was no room at all for me and Lyla. The hall was not big enough for people and chairs, so there was no way in hell that Lyla's car seat was going to be neatly tucked to the side. I just sort of stood on the staircase with the baby and tried to catch a glimpse of Sasha every now and again. It was really ridiculous. Then I tried the worst possible thing I could have ever tried... talking to the other moms. It appears that the social retards of America were holding a meeting in that very hallway and I was not invited. I took the hint and spent the rest of the class downstairs watching Anabel tumble. There was only one mom watching the tumblers and she was fantastic. She was that perfect mix of crazed cheerleader mom and gymnastic know it all. The best part about it was that she didn't appear to have ever been in the physical shape to have done either of those things in her life. Nothing like a 220lb. women telling you the proper technique for a back hand spring whip combo... And the best part of all was this quote, "Cheerleading keeps girls from doing drugs or getting pregnant". This immediately told me two things, the first is that home girl wasn't friends with ANY cheerleaders in high school and second, she hasn't been watching MTV's new classic "16 and Pregnant".
So maybe we will hold off on dance classes for a little while. Besides, she doesn't really need formal training, Michael Jackson is teaching her all she'll need to get by for the rest of her life ("Michael Jackson's This Is It" DVD available now at Walmart $15.99) And like I said before, who needs dance classes when you look this cute in the outfit?

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  1. Thanks for the laugh Stef :) Sasha looks adorable in her outfit. I am putting Austyn in dance at Studio 48 for summer session. Hopefully she likes it.