Monday, January 11, 2010

Oh my dear sweet Sasha

Three and a half years old and non stop entertainment for her mother. Let's just give a quick update on what's going on with little Sasha.
Her new favorite singer (don't worry Michael Jackson, you are still her top choice) is "Celine Duh-Lawn" or Celine Dion for the rest of us. Miss "Duh-Lawn" has captured another heart with her beautiful Titanic ballad, "My Heart will go on". Sasha loves that song and she is trying her best to sing it. That's a tough song to sing for anyone, but hearing a three year old try to hit those high notes is just hysterical. Good thing I love that song too, cause I will probably have to listen to it 1000 times in the next few months. Sasha is nothing if not a dedicated fan.

We can't leave a Sasha update without some great quotes. Saturday night she was deciding what she wanted for dinner when she piped up with this one, "I want some of those delicious baskets for dinner, oh and put some cheese on my delicious baskets, okay mom". It took a minute, but I finally realized she wanted a Jimmy Dean Sausage biscuit for dinner... So healthy, I know, but she just loved those mini biscuits.

Another night, another dinner decision. "Mom, just make some beef stew with peas, carrots, potatoes and beef a course". She loves the term "a course" instead of the classic "of course". And I love when she gives me the play by play on how to prepare nachos. "chips and cheese a course, and put it in the microwave a course, but not to long okay mom". On the subject of cheese, I have to tell you what she said the other day after eating some shredded cheese. "I love having cheese in my life mom". Who doesn't Sasha, who doesn't?

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  1. Like I always be a fly on your wall would be so splendid. Sasha should hire out her happiness and spunk for life. SHe is just like you Stef!