Thursday, December 31, 2009

What a Year???

First I have to admit that I just got denied access to my own blog. I tried to sign in, and I thought my password was getting rejected, only to discover minutes later that I spelled my own freaking name wrong. Hello Stefanie, welcome to your thirty first year of life. Learn to spell your name immediately!
So back to business,2009... I didn't travel the world, I didn't eliminate world hunger and I forgot to cure any major diseases, but I did do something. I had a darling baby girl that we like to call little Lyla. She came early, and tiny, but what a pleasant surprise she was. She is now 10 months old and still pretty darn tiny. She will be walking in no time and she is babbling,Dada, momma and nite nite. I am excited to see what 2010 brings for her. It will be a year full of big changes for sure.
We moved from our beloved first house, to our still somewhat overwhelming new house. This might be commonplace for some, but I have moved only 4 times in my life, and the first time I was a toddler, and I barely remember anything about it. We are getting settled now, and I must next move on to some organization. I need to figure out where everything is supposed to go, and then I can try to make it all fit in its place nicely. And of course I want to get it decorated to my liking, but that's going to take some cash, and therefore quite some time. We'll get there eventually.
Not many would put this on a list of accomplishments, but I helped my daughter move into the land of the potty trained. It wasn't easy or quick, but she finished with diapers in 2009 and that in itself makes 2009 a great year.
I'm sure there are tons of other miniature accomplishments I could list, but really these take the cake for me, and they will be the big memories from 2009. With two little girls growing up so quickly, I am sure 2010 will be pretty eventful. So here's to a great year for all my family and friends. I hope to be experiencing my REM sleep when the clock strikes 12:00. If I get my wish, the new year will start out perfect. Happy New Year everyone.

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