Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Couldn't resist

Rockin' some Fierce Boots

Loving grandma's accessories

As you all know, the Nintendo Wii is a huge part of daily life here at the Jensen house. Sasha is a pro gamer at this point, and with a Best Buy gift card in hand, we decided to get her yet another game to master. At the suggestion of an old high school friend, we bought a game called "Just Dance". It looked a lot easier than the alternative, "Dance, Dance Revolution" and the price tag looked really nice as well, so we jumped on it. It's really easy to play, you just hold the Wii remote ( or comote as Sasha calls it) and mirror the dancing of the character on the screen. Sasha loves it and she is quickly adding new songs and singers to her limited list of favorites. The first song she danced to was Girls Just Want to Have Fun. I hope anyone reading this blog already knows the artist behind this classic, but if you don't, I'll remind you that it is the lovely Cyndi Lauper (my first concert by the way). I shared this info with Sasha, but she hasn't heard the name Cyndi before, so her adorable brain stored this information in a unique way. If you ask her who sings this terrific song that she performs ten time a day, she will tell you with absolute certainty that "Sloppy Lauper" sings her new favorite song (not to be confused with "Sloppy Joe" the creator of a delicious dinner often served with tater tots). And if that's not enough to make you grin from ear to ear, perhaps you should listen to a song or two by another Jensen favorite, "Smiley Cyrus"... Yes it's true, we love us some "Party in the USA" by Miley, but it's always a pleasure to hear Sasha call her "Smiley", and why not? I know that almost any song of hers will make me smile. Especially after I hear my daughters take on the lyrics. Enjoy your week everyone and if you are feeling down, call a three year old and shoot the breeze... endless entertainment.

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  1. Hilarious, love their own terminology for everything. Christian calls the remote a "bemote" and he too loves a good dance party. Need to post his "boom boom pow" naked dance session. We really need to get them together. Enjoy your Sloppy and Smiley tunes :)