Friday, October 2, 2009

Private Lyla

This is my sweet girl waking up from a nap. It's no wonder I'm excited to go get her up.

They love each other so much, I hope it stays that way.

My sweet baby girl is moving along in this world. Literally! She has mastered her own unique form of the army crawl. Hers, however is a bit more like the crawl of a wounded soldier. It appears that my little soldier has taken a shot to the right shoulder, but she must flee the battle field, so she pulls her body with her left hand, while her crippled right arm supports her body. It ain't pretty, but it's very effective. I see no reason why she would need the standard crawl at this point...
This whole debacle is half my fault and half Lyla's DNA. She has battled an epic bout of Eczema for months now. Her legs got a lot of it, but her little raw elbows have taken the brunt of it. So for most of the summer, she was wearing short sleeves (obviously) and her itchy rash was being scratched on any surface she could find to scratch it on. The car seat was a favorite, but the (nasty, matted, builders special) carpet in my house took the top spot. So like a creative mother, I put a king size bed sheet down on the living room floor so that she could play on the floor without scratching. She loved being down on the floor with toys, but she soon discovered that she could bring the toys to her by simply pulling the sheet towards her until the desired object was within her grasp. This discovery delayed the crawling for sure, but it worked for her. She only crawls now for the challenge and because she loves to disappear from my view and cause me mini hear attacks all day. I will miss summer weather, but this year I say, bring on the long sleeves! My baby needs them.

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