Friday, October 2, 2009

Old Songs

Me and Kid Rock in Jamaica
Spencer, Dave, Ashley, Jessica, Russie, Vincie and K.J. at our weekly Dawson's Creek / Temptation Island party in 2001.
Below is a picture of Vincie, Russie and myself on Halloween 2000

I drove Sasha to school this morning listening to Michael Jackson of course. As I pulled out of the parking lot, I suddenly felt this crazy freedom overtake me. "I can listen to whatever music I choose for a few hours." And just like that, I dug deep into the glove compartment (by the way, there are not now, nor have there ever been any gloves in there. So mine will now be called the junk compartment since it holds: registration, napkins, broken glasses and Cd's that I never get to listen too.... and a freak roll of packing tape, just in case). I quickly retrieved a CD mix that I made years ago simply titled "Good Jams". Well I couldn't find any beef with a title like that, and my personal music voyage is being timed, so I thought why not pop this in and see what treasures it holds. Now, don't get me wrong, I know I've not properly earned the name DJ Stefanie, but I knew how to make a great mix back then, and I still do in fact. The music starts and suddenly I'm on a drive down memory lane....

This old Dixie Chicks song comes on from the early Beauty School party crew days. This pack of trouble making girls and I couldn't start any night without strawberry margaritas, Ricky Martin and this Dixie Chicks song, properly titled, "There's your trouble". Next is this great Craig David track (who the hell is he?) that reminds me of my bachelorette party because that's where I won his CD at.... and yes that's another story all together. Then it's right on to Madonna's great hit "Music" which reminds me of Vegas and my old room mate Spencer. Then no CD at the time was complete without some Kid Rock who inevitably reminds me of my best friend Russie (because she loves him and we partied with good old Kiddie Rock in Jamaica).
One scratched up old CD brought back a flood of great memories that led me to have a great day. It is so fun to think of all the different places that I've been, but most of all, the entertaining people that I went with. Some of those people I see once a week, but others I haven't talked to in years, and that's fine, because we have these great memories that none of us will ever forget. Whether it's a song, or the mere scent of the hair spray I wore in the tenth grade, I love finding these little triggers that unlock parts of brain that I thought were lost. Turn out it's all up there, locked tight in my vault of a memory.

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