Monday, October 5, 2009

Should Have Said Nothing

The contents of Sasha's purse: Jingle bells, Olivia Newton-John key chain (okay this is actually mine, but what am I gonna do with it), a baby bottle, one tea party sugar bowl lid and the grand finale! A half naked Zac Effron barbie doll. These are the necessities when you are a sassy three year old. Seriously, this girl will keep me guessing her whole life. And now onto the topic at hand...
So I accidentally told Sasha that "next-teen" is not a real number. Naturally she was shocked at this development. I thought she should learn her numbers correctly, so that's why I told her. I see now that I will pay for this for quite sometime. Now I am constantly asked questions such as, "Is 5 a real number, what about 12, is that a real number or a pretend one?" Thank God she hasn't invented a new letter. If she does, I won't say a word.
Though this has nothing to do with the number incident, there is something else she says a lot these days that we get such a kick out of. She'll say, "okay, I will just not drink all this water so I can grow big and short like you mom." Or she'll say, "When I grow short like you, can I bake a cake all by myself?" It is cute because she is 3 and adorable, but also because she'll be short like me long before I'll trust her to bake a cake all by herself.

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  1. First of all -- is that a REAL picture of you with Kid Rock? An honest to goodness pose with a wasted rockstar? Thus making you vicariously a rockstar yourself, and giving me endless bragging rights about my famous cousin. Fantastic.
    Second of all -- great blog! I'm loving your sense of humor, I think we could really get along...thanks for dropping me a note!