Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Lessons From Sasha

Sasha is always teaching me something new. I'm sure I've shown her a few things along the way, but she has shared some great information with me as well. For instance, I had no idea that "most" objects and toys can't talk. She let me know last night that we don't need to tell her watering can "night night" because her watering can does not talk. Her stuffed animals don't need to be spoken to anymore because they don't talk either. However, it is critical to answer Dora the Explorer when she asks you a question from the T.V., because Dora can in fact hear your response...

Sasha has been learning so much lately, she can count in English and Spanish. It's coming along so well that she has decided to add another number into the mix. I had never heard of "next-teen", but it is alive and well, usually next-teen comes between 16 and 17, but occasionally it falls in line after 12. That is what's so great about next-teen, it is just so versatile.
She has also pointed out that there is a big problem with the stop sign at the end of our street. The problem is that this stop sign isn't an octagon, it is a triangle, and the biggest trouble of all is that is doesn't have the letters S-T-O-P on it. I told her that this would be a really big problem, except for the fact that the sign at the end of our street is a Yeild sign. Problem solved.

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  1. Hilarious as we're going thru the same stage. He's always answering Mickey, Dora, Sid, Handy Manny - they're talking to them right? And telling me the ways of the world, our kiddos are both such know-it-all bossy pants...hmmm wonder where they got that from??