Tuesday, September 15, 2009

First Day of School!

Sasha has eagerly been awaiting the first day of school since about May 29th. Her old school let out for the summer, and she couldn't wait to go to the new school because they have bikes on the playground (I'm sure she likes to learn inside the building, but she is three and bikes are king). It has been a long summer leading up to this day. First, she had to be potty trained to go to the new school, and my oh my what a long road that was. June 1st there was no hope, and by August she got the hang of it. Of course I had to do that awful thing mom's do and hang the promise of riding bikes at school over her head, but that along with stickers and ice cream seemed to do the trick, and now she is officially potty and poop trained. HOORAY!!! So last year, I dropped her off at school and she cried every time for the first month and a half. This year was a different story. She barely had time to turn and say bye to me before she was in the door. She did mention that she expected me to pick her up later (duh), and that was that. What a lovely change of pace that was. When I picked her up and asked her how it went, she promptly responded, "Thor is my favorite boy" (the apple doesn't fall far from the tree now does it, and yes the adorable boys name is Thor for God sake, but he looks nothing like the rottweiler for which he was named). So she is going to school now and she loves it. I couldn't be happier or more proud of her.


  1. Stef- That made my night to read your blog. Your girls are adorable...the Wendy's story made me laugh and I just love how you write in your blog. I feel like you are talking to me, actually telling me the story! Nice work. Im definately a fan of the bloggy blog. Nice work.

  2. The Thor thing makes me laugh - we called Brian "Thor" for half of my pregnancy - my brother wanted him to have a manly name! - after some god in mythology. Anyway, I really enjoy reading your blog - you are an entertaining writer! If I'm in a bad mood, I just need to read your blog!

  3. I'm probably the only one getting the Thor the dog reference. Love it! Can't believe our babes our in SCHOOL! I just posted Christian's big day as well...so glad the potty bribes worked for you.

    And love the tribute to Olivia Newton John and Sasha's MJ obsession...let's play soon.