Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Sasha Is A Funny Gal

So today my friend Wendy comes over to get a haircut. Sasha loves visitors of any kind. If the house was on fire, she would talk the ears off of the firemen. So she keeps talking to Wendy, only instead of calling her Wendy, she calls her Wendy's (like the fast food chain she loves so much). It was hysterical to hear her say it over and over again. Of course when my friend left, all Sasha had left to say was,"Can we eat at Wendy's today, I need a chicken nugget sandwich".

Last night she was cracking us up as well. Baby Lyla had been throwing up earlier in the day, but after a good nap, she was happy as a clam, so we retired to the basement for some Wii sports. Sasha is a big time gamer, and she can navigate through the Wii Sports disc like she invented the thing. If Dave or I want to play something, she'll say something like, "okay, let me set that up for you", and she'll get your game ready for you. Then it's, "click A mom, hit the ball now mom". I was up to bat in her baseball game and the kids were looking so cute cuddled up on the couch. Dave had the camera out taking pictures of the girlie's on the couch and Dave tells baby Lyla to say cheese. Sasha immediately informed him that, "Babies don't talk pop! She won't say that." Her other big response that she has to EVERYTHING is,"tell me about it". That one seems to be the answer for any request I might have of her, from go brush your teeth, to finish your oatmeal, that is her constant response.

Then we have the random subjects that she just can't get over. We were driving on the freeway behind a horse trailer carrying two horses, and a long black horse tail was hanging out the back of the trailer getting wind whipped in the breeze. I made a comment to Dave about it, and Sasha brings it up daily. She is concerned about it, and she needs to be assured that it is okay for the horses tail to be hanging out of the trailer. It was no big deal, the horse looked fine and dandy, but it made a serious impression on her. She saw an episode of the Brady Bunch where Peter and Greg throw a football in the house and broke Carols favorite lamp. Well of course this is a constant source of concern for her. This too must be brought to my attention three to four times a day. Forget that she saw this show like a month ago, it really packed a punch for her. The impact of Carols lamp being broken will stick with Sasha forever. The next time she brings it up, I guess I'll just say, "tell me about it".

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