Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Obsessions of the Jensen Girls

Young Sasha is obsessed with Michael. That's Michael Jackson to those of you who don't know. I thought it was adorable at first. A toddler who requests Billie Jean and then sings at the top of her lungs that, "the kid is not my son", is actually very funny and adorable. Then after a few months, it got a little worrisome. She wanted nothing but MJ and that is when the music video fixation began. She tossed aside The Wonder Pets and Dora for the "Bad" video and of course "You are Not Alone" where MJ goes shirtless (no one needs to see that really). Dave and I began to worry that we had a stalker fan on our hands, you know the crazy girls who faint and hyperventilate at the site of Michael. Needless to say, he probably won't be performing anymore live concerts, so we would never have to witness the depth of her obsession. But just then I recalled that I too had a celebrity obsession when I was a kid, that truthfully lasted well beyond my childhood. The target of my obsession was of course the wonderful and talented Olivia Newton-John. I loved ALL her movies, and I spent countless hours at the video store debating whether to rent her music video tape or her concert tape. The concert had been filmed at the Dee Event center in Ogden, before she was notoriously banned in Utah for the overtly sexual "Let's Get Physical", which I genuinely thought to be about exercising at a gym (thank you mom for exposing me to aerobics and such in the early 80's, otherwise I might have figured that song for what it was). I adore Olivia to this day, I even went to her concert a few years back. If the name wasn't so wildly popular, everyone knows Sasha would totally have been named after her (since that was the plan I'd had since grade school). I guess the point of this rant is that little obsessions are just fine and probably healthy too.... At least I hope so. Oh well, enjoy this little piece of heaven I call "Xanadu".

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