Monday, October 26, 2009


We got this great new camera with tons of features that we don't understand. We also got a DVD that goes with it that will hopefully enlighten us about all these cool features. So far though, it takes much clearer pictures than the old garbage camera, so I am way excited about the possibilities. This thing is Dave's new baby, so I'm a bit afraid to touch it when he's not home, cause he would be emotionally wounded if I hurt the camera in any way. But I am getting the photography bug. It is very contagious when you live with someone who is so into it. Wish us well, and hopefully we will have better pictures to come!


  1. Such cute pictures! Loving it. My fave is definitely the one of little Lyla staring at the pumpkin. Darling.

  2. PS I have no idea why my face gets cut off in the comments on your blog. It's not like I have a strange facination with my eyebrow and want to highlight it for the world to see. But for your blog, enjoy the eyebrow, I guess! ;)

  3. You will love your new camera. i would recommend taking a photog class. A friend of mine does them (look at her blog to see when the next one is:, but she just had a new baby, so it might be a while before she does another one.
    Have fun with it.

  4. Boy, that Nikon makes a big difference - great pics!

    Bill & Connie