Monday, October 19, 2009

Family Portraits

So it's finally time for the Jensen's to get a family portrait. We sort of had one when Sasha was 3 months old, and we've not ventured into family picture zone since. The main reason we don't do it is this; I don't know what the hell we should wear... I know that is the stupidest road block, but I honestly don't know what route to go as far as the outfits go. Do we all go matchy-matchy? Do just the kids wear twinner outfits? Is it lame for the girls to wear matching outfits since they are not even remotely twins? What shirt can Dave wear that hasn't yet shrunk into a belly shirt? These are the thoughts that flood my head when this subject comes up. I suppose I could just take the dang pictures and hope that whatever ensembles I choose work, but I just know that I'll see some darling kids clothes at Old Navy a week later that would have been just perfect for the occasion. So instead of blowing a ton of money on a picture that will never be perfect, we decided to go another route entirely... We will blow a huge chunk of change on a great Nikon camera and do as many different family photo shoots as we like until mother is happy. I'm sure this sounds idiotic to most, but in the long run, won't it be great to have a quality camera that takes a great shot every time? Dave and I hope so. I hope this post makes sense, because the entire time I was writing, my "napping toddler" was running the Kentucky Derby through the main level of the house. I guess she thinks I'm deaf or oblivious, today I am choosing to be a combination of both and it is very peaceful in the basement.

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  1. I'm jealous of the new cam, I've been wanting one. And that's what always comes to my mind first too...WHAT TO WEAR?! So dumb...and yet we wonder why our kids are so clothes-obsessed? hmmmm...