Friday, August 28, 2009

This Mornings Stroller Adventure

So I put the girlies in the jogger this morning for a nice run. Truthfully, there isn't much about that experience that is nice (except the company of course). Not only am I pushing 60+ pounds of kids and stroller, but there are so many obstacles that I encounter each morning. There are the sidewalk problems: getting on it, getting off it, landscape crews mowing, weed whacking and of course using the huge industrial blower to move grass clippings from the sidewalk. The grounds keeper at the local apartments that insists on whistling every time I pass by, if he didn't resemble Nacho Libre, this might be flattering, but he does so it sucks. But let's not overlook the biggest most annoying trouble of all: the sprinklers that are on from 8-9 AM that water nothing but the sidewalk (we all know that the sidewalk won't grow unless it's properly fertilized and watered, right). I know which houses are the biggest offenders in this department, and it's the same old drama everyday. Adjust your freaking sprinkler heads before Sasha and I go postal!

So today, we get through all the above mentioned trouble zones and we seem to be cruising along at a decent pace when Sasha yells some jumble of words so suddenly that I stop in my tracks. I heard the word poop, and that gets the immediate attention of any toddlers mother. Once stopped, I hear what she is saying, "poop dog, poop dog mom, right there on the sidewalk, poop dog mom." This small mix up of the English language made me laugh so hard, and she told me right then to stop laughing because poop dog isn't funny, it's gross. I had to agree with her there...

The next stop on this mornings journey was the Walmart Market. Today was the big day that Sasha felt ready to turn in her last remaining precious yellow Binky. I told her she could turn it in for a lollipop, and that sounded great to her. I realize she is 3 and looks the part of a four year old, but she loves to sleep with that Binky, and I have used it to negotiate many times. "Stay in bed or the Binky goes in the garbage" and so on (yes I do the bribing, I use any tool I've got, parenting is guerrilla war fare as far as I'm concerned). So we get to the store, and they don't have the particular sucker that she had in mind. After much searching, she settled for a ring pop, two to be specific. She ate one the entire ride home, and it lasted about another hour here at the house. So far it has been a successful day, now we'll see how nap time goes.....


  1. I love your blog so cute! Your kids are adorable and I love those chubby cheeks. :)

  2. Way to go on the blog, looks fabulous! And hopefully congrats on the binky going bye bye as well. Stick to it, she'll be over it in a few days...remind her BIG GIRLS don't need binkies :)