Thursday, August 27, 2009

Princess dresses

I have had this leftover material from my wedding of all things just sitting in my sewing basket for years. Sasha's favorite color is yellow, the fabric is yellow and she always wants a new princess dress, so that's how it all started. Now I am obsessed with making the perfect dress. The first one was cute, but the bodice was to long (I know she is growing like a weed, but still) and it was very amateurish. The one I've been working on today, is made of the same material, but the trim is different, and the style is also different, so it should end up looking completely different than the first one. There is a lot of thinking that has to go into sewing a dress with no pattern, and I think I finally have a good game plan this time. So far so good. Dress two should be done tonight. I need her to have a fitting before I can finish, and she is taking a nice long nap right now (God bless her for that). Wish me luck that this one turns out great so I can stop making dresses for a while....

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  1. I can't believe you can sew without a pattern! Wow, that's serious talent! I love your blog! I want to start one and have no idea how!