Monday, August 31, 2009

The Photo that allows Dave to get away with anything

A few weeks ago, I took the FUNNIEST picture of my husband (you need to double click on it to see the detail). I have no clue if anyone else in the world would find this picture hysterical, but I love it. I laugh so hard (almost pee my pants) whenever I see it. He now has license to act stupid, because I can't be angry after I see this picture. He knows just the perfect face to pull when I want to take a picture of him. To be nice, I have also added a nice normal picture of him that does him justice in the looks department. Also, I finished princess dress # 2, and I like it. It is shorter because my daughter has only been walking for 2 years, only one of which has includes "high heel" walking. She gets around the house just great in this dress and her precious pink heels. This was going to be her Halloween dress (yes she was a princess last year, but it's her halloween, not mine, so let her do what she wants to do), but yesterday she hinted that she may be open to the possibility of being a cat. I will now be pondering the best way to make a kick-ass black (ofcourse it will be black in honor of Muffin) kitty costume . I hope my machine can handle faux fur.....

1 comment:

  1. Princess dress #2 is even cuter than the first one! Darling dress! Wow, you are talented!
    How did you get Sasha potty-trained, when I am still pulling my hair out with Bryson? Want to take him for a day or two? :)