Tuesday, December 20, 2011

December so far....

Even though I despise winter, I have been enjoying December. We have had some great weekends. We went to Salt Lake one night to visit Dave's grandma Jane and after catching up with her we bundled the girls up an took them to see the lights at temple square. We had to park so far away but it was actually a lot of fun walking through the city at night. The whole thing started way past the girls' bedtime, but they were having SO MUCH FUN. Winter ain't so bad with long underwear, warm gloves and a fleece hat on. We saw some great singers from Syracuse High singing Christmas carols and Sasha really loved their show. That will be a yearly thing from here on out. It was just a great night.

A few weeks ago we took the girls on a great hike, again we were totally bundled up, but we got up out of the inversion and enjoyed a nice day of sun. We went prety high up the mountain and the girls got to do their favorite outdoor activity at the top, THROWING ROCKS!!! Rock throwing entertains these kids for hours!
Last weekend was so cold, but we had a lot of old bread in the kitchen so we went to Beus Pond to feed the ducks (and the maniac aggressive geese). As we got out of the car, the geese charged us. The children were terrified (okay I was terrified as well). We fed them anyway and Dave got bit on the legs a few times. An old woman was taking nature photos in the background, and good thing she was or I think we would have been eating Christmas goose for dinner. Dave sort of wanted revenge for all those bites. It was funny to watch.

Today was great. Aunt Leslie sent a HUGE package for the girls. We found the giant box on the porch and quickly brought it in and opened it. All the girls saw was TONS of the huge bubble wrap. They were instantly in heaven they both grabbed giant sections of it and ran to the living room to play. I took the actual gift out of the box and put it under the tree. They still haven't even noticed or asked about it. I think they believe their aunt sent them bubble wrap and they are so thrilled about it. After Lyla went down for a much needed nap, Sasha and I transformed the bod into the "Sashabot". Good times as always.

And last but not least, I have taken my crafting to a new low....
I wanted to take a great white elephant gift to a party and I thought I should make something this year. I walked into the fabric store, and I stumbled upon a clearance remnant of some flesh colored fleece and my brain automatically went to the gutter..... So I went with it and here's what I made. I won the white elephant gift contest and was asked by a friend to make her one for a party she was attending. I don't think the world is ready for this, but it was SO FUNNY!!!

You have to admit a ball-sack purse is sort of funny, right?

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