Wednesday, November 23, 2011


I am a schedule person and strangly enough, the introduction of kindergarten has left me little time for doing the things I love, like writing this blog. If I have a couple of hours with one child, I like to go to a store or shower and appy mascara. One kid means almost NO SCREAMING sounds coming out of Lyla and I just want to enjoy every second of life when my children aren't trying to harm one another.
AND.......Pintrest. I should never have logged onto that website in the first place. I was warned of it's addictiveness, and I went anyway. I am VERY addicted to it and I think I love it more than Facebook, and everyone knows I'm not ashamed to say that I love Facebook. So yes, I am wasting LOTS of time on Pintrest and I've even caught Dave on Pintrest. It's that good.

So Halloween here was a blast. We had Sasha dressed as Tinkerbell and Lyla dressed as, you guessed it, TINKERBELL! It was just fine with me. I had to think once and sew twice. Easy peazy. They looked so cute and they had super cute Tink hair and I was so happy with the results, as were they. Lyla did her first real trick or treating and she loved it. At the second house, she tried to give her first piece of candy to the lady at the door in exchange for the new piece. She thought it was some sort of "trading" instead of the mass collection of candy that it really is. She had fun despite the fact that she could not actually eat a single piece of candy she collected. When the girls got back, we took all the peanut candy out of their bags (it was half the candy!)and gave it away to the ten million kids who knocked on our door. We had an insane amount of trick or treaters this year. It was fun though and the kids are already making plans for next year.

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