Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Christmas Pictures

Candyland is an essential gift that EVERY 4 year old must own. It's simple to play and she loves it!

Santa sure thought these fancy Dora shoes would make Lyla so happy..... Unfortunatly, once she stood up and discovered these are FLATS she quickly kicked them off and hasn't shown any interest in them since. Heels Santa, only HEELS!

They both LOVE the Barbie Guitar because it plays "Girls Just Want to Have Fun" by "Sloppy Lauper" a.k.a Cyndi Lauper. They love it so much that it is currently in toy prison right now (the cupboard above the fridge where mom can't even reach it) because the sight of it has caused to many fights! It's going to be lot's of fun when it gets paroled!

The Jessie doll is a big hit! She has a pull string that makes her say cute phrases that my daughters can't get enough of.

This Michael Jackson game is too hard for Sasha, but she very much enjoys making me do all the dancing. This game is proving to be very entertaining for 32 year olds....

Dave took lots of pictures of Lyla's tiny little neck. He loves the sight of her pencil neck with her fuzzy, baby bird hair. I have to admit that it's sort of adorable.

Sasha wasn't exactly thrilled with Dads gift of a nerf gun, until she shot it a few times, then it was sort of a favorite.

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