Friday, November 12, 2010

Jessie costume!

Sasha is obsessed with all things "TOY STORY". Who can blame her right? The movies are great and the characters are so adorable we just want to collect them all (and I swear we have at this point). Sasha has known for quite some time that she wanted to be Jessie the cowgirl for Halloween and I'm glad she gave me a lot of notice, because I really dragged my feet when it came to making this costume. I had no clue how to make chaps. I normally go to google image when I'm confused about how to make something and I usually find a good picture to copy from, but you really don't want to google the word "chaps" because 98% of your results will be naked dudes in chaps! Oh well, I got through it and I am proud to say this costume kicks ass! She loves it and we can add it to our ever growing box of dress up clothes.

Lyla is noticeable absent from the costume post for one reason and one reason only. I figured out that 1 year olds don't usually wear strange things unless they themselves have chosen them. I bought Sasha a really cute karate girl costume when she was one and she HATED it with a passion and consequently, did not ever wear it. I tried putting the karate girl costume on Lyla, and the results were very much the same as the first incident with Sasha. LESSON LEARNED!

Lyla wears one of our many giant tutu's on a daily basis, so we decided to be "super original" and let Lyla be some sort of ballerina princess.... It was easy because she wore the outfit that she wears at home every single day. Presto magico, Halloween costume done!

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  1. So cute Stef! Those girls of yours are absolute dolls! And I love the later post - so excited for the newest addition to the fam! (aka the sweet boat). My fondest childhood memories revolve around boating.