Thursday, September 30, 2010

Busy Month!

I love September in good old Utah! You never know if it's going to be summer or fall and either way, you can usually keep the windows open all day and enjoy the breeze. The best part about this time of year is that you can take the kids outside to play and it's not blazing hot. Lately we go out and let Sasha do her mini soccer practice sessions in the yard. We use two buckets in place of a goal net and she is really improving so I guess it works. Her soccer games have been so much fun for us. Since she is the oldest kid in our family, this is the first time we've had a child playing organized sports and I absolutely LOVE it! First off, she looks so freaking cute in her soccer uniform, but the best part is that she is really aggressive. Her team is terrific! They are all focused and ball hungry and it's just a great oppurtunity for each of these little girls to hone their skills. Sasha loves everything about it, the games, the girls and of course her great coach Scott! I'm very glad we signed her up to play.

This is my girl on her way down the field to score her first goal of the season!

The pre-game fashion show!

This is seconds after her first goal. She was THRILLED!

Speaking of aggressive, little Lyla is getting there fast! She just hit 19 months old and life for the little sister is filled with hitting, jumping, throwing, climbing and yelling loud bits of gibberish! She is letting it all out these days. Her vocabulary is slowly and steadily building everyday. Her favorite word is "Happy". She opens her favorite book (Brown Bear Brown Bear What Do You See?) to a picture filled with happy children and she yells "Happy" over and over again. It is adorable to hear her sweet voice. She's with me all day long so of course she says mama 10 million times a day, but she loves to look out the window and call for her papa. I guess she suspects that Dave just goes outside all day, because she can't look out a window without yelling "papa" or "Daddy".

She is also a major music lover! The Falling Slowly duet from last season of American Idol is her FAVORITE! She get's a real serious look on her face and tries to sing along. She loves Neutron Star Collision by Muse and Tonights Gonna Be a Good Night by the Black Eyed Peas. The list goes on and on, and it even includes kid music, like anything from The Little Mermaid. But all the Ariel songs "belong" to Sasha, so it's not even worth singing those because Sasha will ask me to re-start the song and let her sing alone in her Ariel voice! The best thing about car time is the music for sure. We go NOWHERE in silence. The children demand loud music!

These girls of mine are adorable. They are a challenge half of the time, but i am so glad that I had two girls in a row because these sisters are so tight with each other. They hold hands in the car and the jogger stroller (I do realize that Sasha is WAY TO BIG to be in the jogger). Lyla runs to Sasha's room as soon as she get's up in the morning. Sasha loves to hug her and just try to take care of her in general. It really warms my heart to see their bond. Sasha would have such a void in her life if it weren't for Lyla. I love these girls more than words can express!

Lyla always tests the baby dolls bottle before feeding it to her!

She ALWAYS needs her shoes!

Cuddle time on the couch!


  1. Way to go Sasha taking over the field! Love it and love the pink uniforms of course. Lyla's eyes are still as gorgeous as ever and "happy" seems like a very appropriate word for her! :)

  2. I love the bond that my two girls have as well. It makes me want to have another just so Sam has a buddy too, but of course the days when the sisters are fighting I sometimes question the idea.