Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Summer time and the livin is easy

We are having a low key summer and it occurred to me that I wouldn't want it any other way. Dave has been working WAY to many hours lately, but the girls and I have been enjoying ourselves around the house. Sasha is a Super Mario Bros. champion and a fantastic painter and Lyla has discovered the joys of climbing furniture and a love for walking around the house in shoes (ANY shoes she can get her hands on: hers, Sasha's, mine, princess dress up heels or even Dave's if she's in a pinch). I have been trying my hardest to keep the house on the tidy side, but my children seem to have other plans for it. My awful neighbors are still awful, but instead of being passive aggressive towards them, I have decide to take a new approach and just be "aggressive aggressive" and this is at least making me feel better about the situation.
We did take a fabulous vacation to San Diego with my parents and my aunt Dale. It was the first airplane ride for my kids and aside from Lyla peeing through her diaper and clothes (on both flights) it went so well. Sasha was the first kid I have ever heard on a plane yelling "Woo hoo" on take off. She was so excited for the plane to take off. She kept asking my mom, "When are we going to blast off?". It was a great experience for her. She had to take off her shoes to go through security and her shoes were sent through the x-ray machine and the experience thrilled her. She put them back on her feet and turned to me and said, "This is a great vacation mom. They even washed our shoes!". This delighted attitude made her VERY easy to travel with. The ocean was amazing to her and she asks daily when we will go back to the sea. Dave and I took her to Sea World, and she liked it, but on the way out of there, she told me she was expecting to find sandy beaches and the "sea" at Sea World... not just a few killer whales.
Lyla did well on the trip, but she got a horrible heat rash the first full day there and that meant she needed to stay indoors for the remainder of the vacation. This turned out to be no big deal because my mom and Aunt were able to stay with her at the house during her naps so that Dave and I could take Sasha to the beach. It worked out really well in the end. Dave had so much fun at the beach. The first day he HAD to find himself a boogie board. My husband magically morphs into a child when he steps foot onto a beach. He plays in the sand like a kid and he loves to boogie board. Unfortunately for 6'5" Dave, the grown up boogie boards are outrageously expensive in Coronado, so he had to use a kid size board, but he had a blast with it. He even went so far as to saran wrap it to his suitcase so that he could bring it home with him. I tease him about this non stop because Utah isn't very well known for our waves, but he was just certain this boogie board would come in handy in our garage. He is utterly ridiculous sometimes, but this is why I married the guy. We've been home over a month now and I can't tell you how many times he's used that board (ZERO and I'm sure the next year or two won't up that number at all). All in all, we had such a great time there and I would love to go back again next year if possible. The weather on Coronado is perfect and it's such a quick flight.

Dave and Sasha having a blast in the sand!

Matching swimsuits! I could not resist the urge to have them all matchy, matchy.
Lyla has the longest neck I've ever seen on a short person. We are obsessed with this photo!

Cuddle time!

One of Sasha's many poses. She could hold her own against Naomi Campbell in a posing competition.

Lyla was not such a big fan of the beach....

Work it girl! This shot was taken just moments before she rode on her first amusement park ride!


  1. Such a fun vacation! I always love your way of telling stories... Love that fam of yours! Now I know who to call next time I need to borrow a boogie board! {happens all the time ;) }

  2. As always...I want to be a fly on your wall. The post about the first day of Sasha's school made me cringe. To think I will be coming up on that before too long makes me cry! Your girls are so cute. I love how excited Sasha was on the plane and all her comments, also Lyla is so beautiful and I am so impressed with her baldness! Yep, I get that...look at Maria who if finally getting some locks.
    take care Stef-
    Miss you.