Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Sasha's 4th Birthday!

She has been looking forward to this day for 364 days and finally it is here. Her only requests are as follows:
1. Hello Kitty Bubble Train
2. Big girl Princess Bike
3. Bowling Party

I try my best to be a good mom, so I provided her with all three. This bubble train obviously involves bubbles and I really HATE bubbles, but she had to have it. The elusive bubble train was something she once saw at TJ Maxx. Sasha can normally see a toy at a store, play with it at the store, then put it back when we are leaving. This was not the case with the Hello Kitty train........ After a screaming fit, she attempted to flee the store with the train in hand. I dragged her butt to the car (minus the train) and let her know in no uncertain terms that she would NOT be returning to TJ Maxx for at least the next decade. This whole episode happened months ago and she hasn't stopped talking about the train since, so I went back and luckily they still had the train. She and baby Lyla just opened the train minutes ago and it is so loud and crazy that it made the baby giggle and scream with fear at the same time. We had to take a break from the train so that Lyla could compose herself. It was THAT INTENSE! Sasha is thrilled with the insanity that is the HELLO KITTY TRAIN!
The bowling party took place on Monday, because Dave had work off that day and it was a huge success. Not only did all her cousins come, but she had aunts, uncles and grandparents there too. It was a blast and she wants to have a bowling party every year now (at least that's what she says now).
The bike was another story all together. We went to San Diego recently and the house we stayed at had a small kids bike with training wheels that Sasha got to ride. She loved the experience and decided that she could no longer be seen riding around the neighborhood on a big wheel. I found lots of great bikes on Amazon that I thought Sasha would love, but the handsome tight wad that is my husband let me know that a four year old's bike should not cost a cent over $70... So off to Walmart we went! They had a terrific princess bike (with a hand brake) that would fit the budget and her specifications just fine. I went to the store by myself a few days later to purchase it for her. The morning that we gave her the bike, she loved it, but the front tire kept deflating.... We took it back to Walmart twice that day, once to have it repaired and once to try to replace it. The next day I took it back again and got a brand new bike and I think this one is perfect. No tire trouble what so ever. She loves it and I can tell that she is going to get a lot of use out of it. All and all I'd say this kid had a pretty fantastic birthday and it ain't over yet. I'm taking her to her second theater movie ever, Toy Story 3!


  1. You're a great mom Stef and don't ever forget it!! That girl is gonna love reading this stuff when she's older !

  2. Happy 4th B-day Miss Sasha!! Glad you could satisfy every wish for the birthday princess, including the dreaded bubble train. And look how happy it made her!! Love the bowling fun...

  3. Happy Birthday to Sasha! And aren't you a smokin hot little bowler Stef! Love the TJ Maxx screaming story. SO hilarious.