Friday, April 9, 2010


To coupon using that is.... I have turned into the tightest tight wad in the west (next in line to my wonderful hubby DAVIS) Between clipping and printing online coupons, I am scouring the weekly ads searching for my next steal. I can't explain the joy I get from walking out of a store with $100 dollars worth of groceries, but only paying thirty some ought dollars for them. It is a rush alright. I can now fully understand what chasing a high feels like. I used to dabble in coupons, but I'd end up buying a bunch of crap that I would never have bought in the first place if not for the coupon. This time, the approach is completely different. I am an educated consumer now and I know how much any given item that I normally purchase is worth and I refuse to pay a penny more for it. I am only using my ads and coupons to buy the things I would be buying anyway. When prices are optimal, I pounce and stockpile whatever it is that I need. This has all become a bit of an obsession, but my husband finds this behavior to be quite sexy indeed. Lucky for me, only one person in my life can appreciate the value of a dollar more than I and that man happens to be my husband. I know this craziness annoys the shit out of most people, but I just can't help wanting to share the savings with everyone I know. Go out and find a fantastic deal today and revel in your thriftiness. I tell you, it is out of this world.

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