Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tea Party or O.C.D. Party?

Sasha loves to pack her "luggage" and get ready to go on an imaginary vaction! Her bags are always packed full of junk, or what she considers "the essentials". These items usually include: a tea set, dried out markers, a monster truck, plastic bugs, a flash light, rainbow colored plastic balls, baby bottles, jingle bells (obviously) and whatever other trinkets she can get her hands on. When you pair her luggage with her picnic blanket, this photo best illustrates what you get: a straight up O.C.D. party. She keeps all this in her room, wakes up at zero dark thirty in the morning and starts her preparations by placing each item in it's own square. NO PLAYING ALLOWED! The stuff must stay put or she will lose it. I know this because baby tried it once and Sasha was having none of it.


  1. That is funny Stef. It must be a girl thing. My friends girl is the same way. They had to give her a 10 min. play with toy time because she was so O.C.D. that she would freak when her friends played with a toy, or put it in the wrong place. I was the same way when I was little. Hopefully we all grow out of it, or get less bothered.

  2. That is too funny, i'm a bit OCD myself so i totally relate! I hope you don't mind me blog stalking, i found your blog on your fb page, i was wondering how old your girls were :) Our babies are a month apart! Libbi is my baby girl, she turned 1 in March! Anyway, it was fun to read up on your family, cute girls!! My family blog is private, (i had some issues) but Libbi has her own blog, libbisblog.blogpsot.com go there and leave me your email and i will send an invite to our family blog! I love blogs MORE than FB! I know.. weird :)