Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Enjoying what Mother Nature gave us

The last few weekends, we have been taking advantage of the nice fall temperatures. We have been trying to go hike a different trail everytime we go out, so we can take in as much of the fall colors as possible. Sasha has a lot of endurance, and she can walk a lot farther than we ever expected. Hopefully we will have at least a few more weeks left of nice weather. Most of these slide pictures were taken up at snowbasin, that is why Dave and Sasha are doing the rock bowling. John Paul is a steep run, and it is very entertaining to watch Dave throw huge rocks down it. I hope no one cares that we've rearranged natures rock layout. Free entertainment for the Jensen family!


  1. I am commenting on all of your recent posts cause they are so great! You always make me laugh! So does Sasha with her funny comments and numbers. by the way, are you really moving? and where might I ask? Eventhough We hardly saw each other this summer I will miss my neighbor.

  2. You've got such a gorgeous family! I love how little Lyla's bright blue eyes match her dad's. Fun pictures!