Monday, April 26, 2010

Confused Words.....

My darling dearest Sasha!!!!!! If it weren't for her crazy antics, motherhood would be a bore. She is the first child, so maybe all kids are like this and I just don't know it yet, but I swear she is a wildly unique one. Every single day, even when she makes me so mad I want to scream, she says something that throws me on my butt laughing. Just moments ago as I was putting her to bed she said this, "What is that thing called that looks like a scarf, but it's not soft, and it's really tight and you wear them at the hospital?". Immediately I figured out that she was referring to a neck brace, because she watches kid shows and ALL kid shows will feature the cliche hilarious neck brace at some point... So I informed her that the item in question is called a neck brace and this is what comes out of her mouth next,"Tell me all about them mom. Why do you wear one? Do we have a neck brace? Can I touch one? Let's talk about a neck brace." Seriously, how could I not start laughing about that bizarre encounter. She just cracks me up.

Her confusion about certain words is the thing that really gets me lately. She will walk up to me with a runny nose and say that she really needs a tennis shoe to wipe her nose with. She is of course meaning tissue, but she believes a tissue is called a tennis shoe for some reason. She ALWAYS calls a pimple a nipple, and that is hilarious. Head bands and band aids are heavily mixed up, even though band aids are her favorite things in the world. If she could will herself to bleed on command, she would do it just for a band aid. But who can blame her? We have strawberry shortcake band aids that look more like accessories than anything else.

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