Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Big Move...

So it's finally over and we are starting to get somewhat back to normal. Moving is such a drag. Packing is no fun, especially when your husband is rarely ever home and you have a curious toddler and a teething, crawling baby. It was tough, and we didn't know if it was really going to happen clear up to a few days before the papers were signed. I don't want to hear the word appraisal ever again if that's possible. So it was big drama, but it's over and I am back to sleeping a little at night instead of stressing out about what still needs to be done and who still needs to be called. But the absolute best thing happening right now is my brand new Internet connection. I have lived in a house for two weeks with no home phone and (brace yourself because this is awful) no freaking INTERNET!!!! This was so much more horrible than I could ever find the words to describe. It turns out that life in the year 2009 takes place mostly online, and you can't do anything without the Internet. My daughter is only 3 and even she was having withdrawals. She needs her and she knows that mom needs a small dose of facebook to remain sane. She patted me on the back the other night and consoled me saying," I know you miss your e-mail mom, it's going to be okay". And as it turns out, she was right. The comcast dude finally showed his face and hooked us up to the world, and magically everything IS going to be okay. Hooray! We are back in business. Life is good again, but I have to go now because Sasha needs to use the internet. Girl has waited two weeks and that's a hell of a long time in a three year olds life.


  1. Great blog, but you need some pictures of the new house. I spoke with Dave today who said you are not very tech savy. Jenn and I want to see the new Jensen Estate and we are always rushed when we come to O-town so our best chance is the blog. Get out the new camera and make a couple of posts. We hope to get together with you sometime during the Holidays. Take care and hope all is well.

    The Kasper's

  2. Agree with above comment! Pics please? That's exciting that you moved. Where to? Are you still in the Otown?

  3. Hi - thanks for the comment on my blog. Great blog. Would love to talk more about FPIES with you. Your daughters are both beautiful.